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Background book featuring your Original Character contest? 

24 deviants said Yes! I would enter the contest with a reference sheets of my OCs!
4 deviants said I want to enter, but I can't because of reasons.
3 deviants said No! You can't use my brain child like that! Dx


100+ pages and EXO dream come true

Sun Feb 7, 2016, 8:01 PM
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: John Newman - Revolve
  • Reading: Korean Made Simple :B
  • Watching: Bubblegum (K-drama)
  • Playing: Fire Emblem: Awakening
  • Eating: Choco chip cookies
  • Drinking: milk
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I've written content for about 40 pages of the Background book so far, and I did a conservative estimate of how many pages the book will be in total. It came out to about just over 100 pages!! :wow: I thought it'd be less than 50 when I originally started. :o (Eek) 

The great part is, even though I work on the book every day, and dedicate almost all of my weekend to making it, I'm not feeling burnt out or discouraged in the least! A feeling I haven't had for a very long time and much of it is because of the support I've gotten here on DA, so thank you!! :highfive: 

I should have another book preview ready to post later this week. Hope you are looking forward to it. :D (Big Grin) 

As for the contest... I'm still debating how to proceed, so uh, sit tight until I can figure out how that's going to work. ^^;

Personal side note, EXO, my faaaaaaavorite Korean Boy Performance Band is holding a concert in Los Angeles on Valentine's Day!!
Kyungsoo : Thumbs Up  Kai : Body Roll Xiumin Emoticon 9 Xiumin Emoticon 17 
And I have my ticket and hotel all booked thanks to my parents offering to pay for it as my belated Christmas gift!! Exo : Sehun Giggle 
AHHHHHHH! SO EXCITED!!  Xiumin Emoticon 11 Ahhhhhhhhhhhh 

This is undoubtedly going to be the best Valentine's Day of my life, which is probably pathetic to most people, but pffffft, I don't care. I'm going to revel in every second of it!!!
Xiumin - Come at me bro.... and dance lol 

Although I'll probably end up happy-crying during the show. [EXO] EXO! LET'S CRY! 

If you want to follow my EXO-L.A. adventure, follow me on instagram: betsydrawingstuff

I should have studied Korean more diligently... legend of korra gif 


The Background Book

If you're new to my DevArt page, welcome! You'll likely see posts related to a Backgrounds book that I am currently writing.

The book is going to be based off of my drawing tutorials found here: Tutorial & Tips Gallery

The book will be 100% FREE to download when it is finished. No Kickstarter campaigns, no "pay what you think it's worth", no donation button, nothing. I'm giving it to you.

"Why on earth would she do that for free?" You may be thinking, or saying to yourself out loud with awkward glances in your direction from nearby strangers.

I'll be perfectly honest with you: I'm considering a career change and this is a trial run.

I thought I wanted to be a professional artist for a very long time, but I've found out over the years that I enjoy teaching someone else how to solve their art problems more so than making art myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on drawing or anything, but as far as "making a living" is concerned, I prefer to teach art over producing it.

Here's the problem though: if I were to try to be a "real" teacher, it would mean going back to college —OMG, more student loans :faint:— to get a teacher's degree/credential. I can not emphasize enough how I am not in a financial position to do that. Just no. Not an option. Stare 

But hey, you don't need a teacher's credential to write a book now, do you? So I decided to try it! I am a dummy!

My goal is to finish the first draft book before the end of March, but if I've learned anything about projects it's that everything takes 3 times the amount of time that you think it will. :facepalm: 

Because of the vague release date, I will be posting small pieces of the book here on DA as I go, (like this one about Proportions & Scale) so that my watchers will know I am making progress and not just going off the grid for months at a time with no results.

Occasionally, I'll be offering chances for my watchers to participate in the book through contests and such, as well as asking for feedback through polls or journals. If you're interested in giving feedback or participating in that stuff, make sure on your "+Watch" options for my page that you have my journals and polls checked. :nod:

Hope you're looking forward to the book as much as I am! :D


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United States
Hi, I'm Betsy!
A recent graduate from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I love drawing and design. Here you will find a melting pot of my sketches, vis dev art, sculptures and of course fanart of my favorite stuff which includes a lot of Korean bands and TV shows these days. ;)

My Society6 Store

betsysittinginclover (My art WIP pics posted there along with daily life stuff)

betsyrobin (My art and some progress GIFs posted there)

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TwelveStoryMountain Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for the watch, it means a lot to me! :D
Alazenn Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hello o/ I just played "Three Wishes " and... Whaouu ! Very Godd job ^^. Did you make it all by yourself ? ( code+visual+music ( pretty cool tune indeed ^^ )  ? )
betsyillustration Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
Thanks! I did the writing, code and visuals. I had planned to do the music too, but I had a strict deadline of 6 weeks and ran out of time, so I used Kevin MacLeod's free music:…
I'd like to make more in the future. :)
rockingyourstar Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Student General Artist
After reading some of your tutorials and then seeing both your responses to other deviants as well as your New Year's journal, I've really been inspired by your words to be more introspective and ask myself "why?" more in the coming year. It's really encouraging, to someone about to graduate with an art degree, to see a fellow artist fighting the good fight, taking on non-art related jobs while building their portfolio and not losing motivation for a job in the art industry. As someone who is about to embark upon that life, and knows how much work and dedication it will take, seeing your art and words makes me feel like I can do it. :)
betsyillustration Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016
Very glad to hear that what I post helps people! :) It's definitely a challenging world out there after graduation. If I had the chance to do it over again, I think I would have started asking myself "why?" and "how does this fit into the life I want?" a lot sooner.

2015 was when I started having these student loans to pay back every month which I think is partly why it was a downer year for me. With those loans on my mind, I took on a lot of one-time jobs that had nothing to do with my overall goals and just satisfied the bills for the month and left me with no energy. It ended up being a year of just running in circles instead of moving forward.

In 2016, let's definitely move forward!! :)
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